SoutheastCon 2013

IEEE Southeastcon 2013 will be held in Jacksonville, FL this spring from April 4 to April 7. The University of Kentucky will vie in various competitions, and you are welcome to join though you must be an IEEE member (you may register via a link below). This is a fantastic opportunity for both leadership and engineering involvement, not to mention it is a second spring break from coursework for a weekend.

You must make a payment of $150.00 to attend Southeastcon 2013 with either cash, a check, or the Google Wallet button below. If you choose to pay with cash or a check, we will schedule times to collect funds. $50.00 of the payment is a deposit that will be returned to you once the trip has ended, assuming that you are well behaved and attend your scheduled events. Lastly, the price of the trip will increase on March 1st because we need a concrete number of attendees at that time, so it is advantageous to complete your registration before then.

You must complete the following Google form and make the payment via cash, check or the Google Wallet button. IEEE representatives will be in the ECE Commons (FPAT 4th floor) from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm to collect cash or checks, and will answer have any questions you have about the trip. Also, feel free to email or with additional questions.